Marnita Harris


Marnita has a sense that there is a great number of hurting youth within the local communities, as well as throughout our nation. Marnita sees that there is a great need in today’s society, as today’s youth often lack the necessary spiritual guidance and are disproportionately disconnected from their family, for so many different reasons. Marnita joined New Hope Rising (NHR) to have the opportunity to connect with our youth and help identify their needs.

Along with having an opportunity to identify the needs within our community, she also joined NHR to provide mentorship to our youth. On the personal side, Marnita identified that she wanted to join NHR’s Board of Directors because it is a faith-based organization that has purposed to put God first in all that it does and to have a spiritual connection with her team members.

Marnita feels that by supporting New Hope Rising, it provides her with an opportunity to make a positive impact on our youth, both in our local communities and across the nation. 

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