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Non-profit or what is also known and referred to as not-for-profit organizations (NPO) depend on support through a network of sponsors and partnerships and NHR is no different. Sponsors come in various forms, whether as a large corporation or a small business, their willingness to support the mission and vision of the not-for-profit organization is extremely important and highly valuable. The key point of being a sponsor is that the organization is willing to contribute in some way, be it financial support, products that can be raffled to raise funds or that supports a fundraising event. Additionally, they either commit to providing their support as either a one-time or as an on-going basis. NHR fully understands this and is greatly appreciative of those who have committed to being a sponsor. Therefore, when an organization chooses to sponsor us, NHR purposes to ensure that organization gets their rightful recognition on our Sponsors and Partnerships page, in addition to any banners that are made up in support of events.

As for partnerships, this is more in line with individuals, groups, and other NPOs. For the individual or group, this is much like sponsorship; wherein the individual or group identifies that they want to provide financial support as either a one-time donation or commit to give on a re-occurring going basis, be that weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The most common form is on a monthly basis. As for partnerships with other NPOs, this is a service, product, and opportunity exchange. Some examples of this would be where NHR is partnered with:

  • The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), then FCA could work with NHR to have an ongoing speaking engagement (e.g., 3rd Tuesday every month at a designated school).
  • A church youth group may invite NHR to participate as speaker for an annual youth event (e.g. Camp Decision)
  • A ministry that has a Juvenile Placement or Incarceration (aka Prison) ministry that wants to either provide copies of The Young Person’s Survival Manual: How to survive in today’s ever-changing world and or they want to have NHR conduct a quarterly speaking engagement.
  • A local YMCA, that has a youth leadership group and they would like to have NHR facilitate a youth leadership workshop.
  • An early intervention / community outreach NPO is conducting a youth rally (e.g. Youth To Youth) and would like to have NHR support a 1-hour speaking event and a half day workshop.  

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