Public and Motivational Speaking

Public and Motivational Speaking

Included as part of New Hope Rising, Inc.’s (NHR) services, are public and motivational speaking events. Since NHR is focused on empowering youth to realize phenomenal (their fullest, God given) potential, NHR is truly interested in working with youth in a variety of settings and environments. Though NHR has the ability to address a wide number of teen relevant issues, currently the most prominent topic is the acronym GROUNDED, which is taken from The Young Person’s Survival Manual: How to survive in today’s ever-changing world (ISBN: 9781629528953). It is also worth noting that the GROUNDED acronym is applicable to EVERY topic. These presentations are provided by Raymond, who is the author of the book, as well as the Founder and Executive Director of NHR. Between the skills attained through years of application, and his educational credentials (Bachelor of Science – Psychology /Sociology and MS – Leadership), Raymond has the full skillset that supports this service.

The size of the event is really dependent upon the requestor and given venue; though to date, the average audience size has been 40. Raymond has approximately 20 years of public speaking experience. During his 15 years of service with the US Army, Raymond held a variety of jobs that required a platform presence. Those jobs included being an Equal Opportunity Representative, US Army Jumpmaster, 82nd Airborne Division Jumpmaster Instructor, US Army Drill Sergeant and Master Fitness Instructor. After receiving an early retirement from the Army, Raymond went to work for the State of South Dakota Department of Corrections (SDDOC), where he served as both a Drill Instructor and Counselor. In those positions, he consistently facilitated life-skills presentations to the youth where the audience size ranged between 15 and 45 participants. After leaving employment with the SDDOC, Raymond went on to work for the youth social services organization, Lifeway’s, as an advisor. In this position the focus was on providing substance abuse prevention and early intervention services to the Rapid City South Dakota School District. Raymond, based on his background of working with at-risk and adjudicated youth was selected as the advisor for the district’s three Alternative High Schools. Presentations provided in these environments ranged from a classroom of 20 up to an all school where there were sometimes 100 or more students per setting. After moving to Florida and going back to work for the US Army as a Department of Defense Contractor, Raymond continued to use his facilitation skillset in providing New Equipment Training (NET) for Soldiers on installations receiving newly fielded equipment. As these were instructional settings, the events were capped at 24 Soldiers/ students per session. Some of these presentations were also provided to allied forces personnel.

As NHR is and will never deny being, a non-denominational, Christian, faith based 501(c)3 organization, we prefer to do our presentations and workshops with Jesus being the center. However, we also understand that not all organizations are open to the Christian worldview, be it by preference or regulation. So, if that’s the case with your organization, yet you like overall what you see in NHR and what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the materials that would support a secular, non-Christian audience. Contact us to discuss your organization’s goal and let us see if we can help you achieve it.

Raymond would love the opportunity to interface with your organization’s youth and or leadership. The platform message can either as a motivational, or specific topic.

Please CLICK HERE to request a date for Raymond to interface with and empower your organization’s youth and or leadership!


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