This month’s blog is a continuation of the matter of respect. As we previously identified, although this word has both a noun and a verb definition, the one that we’re targeting is that of the verb, since it refers to action. Remember, to show or give respect, means that one considers something or someone worthy of high regard (Merriam-Webster Dictionary); to esteem, honor, or revere.

In last month’s blog, one thing that I wanted to bring light to was that although some actions are developed as a result of other activities, most of which fall within the matter of social interaction and are based on a matter of a conscious or cognitive thought; it is a decided response and application. It is the individual who chooses whether or not to show respect.

Last month, I identified that the matter of respect is really a triangular matter, and I further expounded on that statement through the image below. 

As mentioned in last month’s blog, it is through respect we enable and actually EMPOWER ourselves to begin to move forward with many things that have been a barrier  and hindered us, not only in our individual growth and well-being, but also as a society.

In Part I of this blog, I shared the following link with our readers. It’s a short, but truly powerful video on the significance of respect. If you missed last month’s blog, I want to encourage you to the take just a couple of minutes to watch this video (Fearless Soul, 2014)

As with all of our blogs, I want to bring this back to the GROUNDED acronym (Kidd, 2017). If you’ve been following our blogs, which I really hope you are, you’re already familiar with this acronym and its origin as it relates to me and this organization. In short, for those who aren’t familiar with it, it is a foundational matter. It is a mnemonic tool; something used for quick recall that one can use to change their life.

Here’s the breakout: 

G – God

R – Respect

O – Observant

U – Understanding

N – New Experiences

D – Diligence

E – Education

D – Daily Effort

The letter G stands for God. Now I know that there are people of various faiths who will visit this site. So for clarity, I am referring to The Great I AM, Jehovah, YHWH, the Completely Self-Existing One; The God of the Bible and the Hebrews. If you follow another god, then what I’m presenting could possibly be offensive to you. However, I assure you that is not my intent. I only know that no other god has ever loved me so much that they were willing to die for me, neither have they walked away from their tombs. Yet, my God did just that through His Son (Jesus / Yeshua). So to me, that kind of love and historical evidence serves me to the point that I KNOW that I can place my trust and faith in Him. For to me God is not about religion, but rather relationship. He has told me who I am and His words as my Creator (Elohim) far outweighs whatever insults a human may decide to hurl at me.

The letter R stands for Respect. The matter of respect applies to my respect towards God, myself, and others. It is through my respect for God and His Word (known as The Bible) where I know that He knows EXACTLY what I’m going through. He knows how I should deal with it and has even given instructions in His Word. On top of His written Word, He also gave Himself in the form of man, His Son (Jesus / Yeshua), who is also referred to as The Word, since He was the physical personification (embodiment/ representation) of what God said and was recorded as The Scriptures (II Timothy 3:16). In addition to this, I must have enough respect for myself to believe what He has said and I must be willing to follow His guidance. There are numerous Scriptures where God identifies who we are in His eyes. Respect for others, is merely having the respect for them as one of God’s creations, just as yourself.

The next letter is that of O, which stands for being Observant. This simply means to pay strict attention to a thing such as your surroundings. There are many things in this world that are set against us and many can be turned to exploit you. All you have to do is look at the news and see how this applies. There are people who are known as predators. These are those who seek to bring harm to others, which includes abductors for sex-trafficking, pedophiles, and gangs. On the internet, you not only have individuals, but you have entities from companies and other countries who are seeking individuals they can exploit and this comes through the form of cyber-attacks (malware, viruses) and hackers.

The next letter is U for Understanding. This ties in very closely to being observant. Through observation and understanding, it becomes easier to counter an attack. For those situations identified previously under Observant, these fall into the category of the evil of this world. The Bible tells us about the root or where this evil starts; it is in the heart of man (Genesis 6:5; Matthew 15:18-19; and Mark 7:21) but more specifically those who are not of God, but rather the adversary who is that fallen angel, Lucifer, who is more commonly referred to as Satan or the devil (Ezekiel 28:17; John 8:44-45). You might be saying to yourself that you don’t believe that. Well I will leave you with this to ponder… just because you refuse to believe makes it no less of a reality. Look at this way, historically, we know that the Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg and as a result, approximately 1,500 people died in the icy North Atlantic waters. However, the engineers who built it believed that it was “practically unsinkable” (Wired, 2008). 

Next is the letter N, which stands for New Experiences. It has been said, that if one does the same thing over and over again, while yet expecting a different outcome, they are practicing insanity. Think about it, that is such a waste of time effort and energy. Is there not something better you could be doing? PLEASE DON’T PRACTICE INSANITY!

The next letter is D and that stands for Diligence. This means to strongly apply one’s self to something. Not just “any” thing but a “special” or “specific” thing. Anyone who has become someone of recognition, such as an athlete, entertainer, artist, business person, etc. has given themselves to not only develop but actually hone their skills. Likewise, if you desire to have a better life, then you should seek out and practice those things that will make that a reality. Also, I cannot encourage you enough to look to the ONE who created you and gave His Son so that you would be able to have the life He desires you to have. Therefore, it’s key for you to give special attention to your walk with God and Jesus.

Next is the letter E, which represents Education. When I identify education, I want to be clear that this is not merely limited to what you learn in that place we call school. Education is everywhere. I’ve mentioned this previously in the Character Blog, but it is well worth mentioning again; the term Gestalt, which is part of a Lewin’s psychological theory by that name, means to be the total of all (Kidd, 2019). What this means is that everything we’re exposed to in our lives, potentially becomes an element in who we are, as well as who we ultimately become. Interestingly, God gives us education every time we dare to open and read His Word, or listen to those He has ordained. This is such an important issue that I want to leave you with a couple of things He identified and instructed the King Solomon and the Apostle Paul to put in the Scriptures. The first is that as a person thinks, so are they (Proverbs 23:7). Therefore, we must NOT be conformed to this world, but rather transformed and renewed in our thought (Romans 12: 2). 

Remember though that even though education is good, it only produces knowledge. Wisdom is that thing that is truly beneficial and that only comes from the application of that knowledge to produce a specific and desired outcome. And even though wisdom is identified even in the Bible as being good and a principle thing, the best wisdom, is that which comes from God. And the only way you will ever get Godly wisdom is through learning His Word and also being in relationship with Him through prayer.

The Final letter of the acronym is D, which stands for Daily Effort. Daily effort, is much like diligence only on a broader scope and it simply means that in everything that we do, we must be consistent. We must always apply ourselves to this journey called life. Daily effort, like diligence is rewarded; the Apostle Paul said, we have a race to run and therefore we run it with gusto, in faith to win (Hebrews 12:1-2 and II Timothy 4:7). 

As I close out this blog, hopefully you can see the triangular relationship of respect. In summary, we must have an external respect for God as The Creator and Giver of Life. Without that you’ll lack what is needed for respecting the other two elements. We must have an internal respect for ourselves. If we don’t respect ourselves we project onto others what we dislike about our self. Finally, we must have an external respect for others, even if it at the primal level that they are a fellow human being; one created by God. If we can do these things, then we can live a well-balanced, harmonious life. The life that God purposed us to live. The key to your being successful in this is to ask Jesus to help you where you are not able to do it. For we are able to do ALL things through Christ Jesus; the One whose name is more powerful than any other name (Philippians 4:13 and 2:9). With that, I’m going to leave you with the statement I closed Part I with; No one person, will by themselves absolutely change the world. But we all have the ability to change ourselves and in doing so, we can influence a change in the world.

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