The Young Person’s Survival Manual

How To Survive In Today’s Ever-Changing World

Hi. My name is Raymond Kidd. I am not only the Founder and Executive Director of this phenomenal organization called New Hope Rising, Inc., but I’m also the author of The Young Person’s Survival Manual: How to survive in today’s ever-changing world (ISBN: 9781629528953).

The Young Person’s Survival Manual is a book that is based on biblical principles, and it was written with the intent of helping the reader look at the issue of life from an effective faith-filled perspective rather than that of the defeated world-view.

Based on my military experiences and combining them with the Scriptures, I have laid out a plan on how one can effectively and consistently overcome the onslaught of personal challenges that are encountered in daily life. The book draws a comparison to being a soldier in the Army, to being a soldier in God’s army.

Though this work abounds with many useful nuggets, the most profound by far is the acronym GROUNDED. Through this God given acronym, and through it I identify with clarity, why it’s important to be firmly established on God’s word. I also use this copyright protected material as the basis for public speaking presentations, small group teaching and workshop events.

This God directed and anointed, work would also be a beneficial to those Christians who work directly with youth (i.e. counselors, youth pastors, etc.)

Though this highly applicable and time-critical work can be purchased through a variety of sources, you can have the greatest impact by going the New Hope Rising, Inc. where 100% of the proceeds goes to funding this 501c3 organization.

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