Also included as part of New Hope Rising, Inc.’s (NHR) services, are the small group workshops. These workshops are based also on the acronym GROUNDED, which is taken from The Young Person’s Survival Manual: How to survive in today’s ever-changing world (ISBN: 9781629528953).

NHR is truly interested in working with youth in a variety of settings and environments. The primary focus of our workshops is to encourage youth leadership, while fostering community support mindset through mentorship. With the youth leadership workshop, we will engage the youth participants to develop leadership skills that will serve them a lifetime. This will also be a benefit for any organization they are or become a part of. For the youth leadership workshop, we also require adult participation, for the purpose of having them serve as mentors. Though the leadership workshops are not targeted toward those youth that are at-risk or adjudicated, they are tailorable to meet that need. The goal in this setting, is to get the youth to see how the GROUNDED acronym can be used to help them make better life choices. Workshops include exercises and participation books.

The maximum number of participants for the workshop is 15. It should be noted that the best results for a workshop is produced when it is incorporated as a follow-on to a public speaking session.

As NHR is and will never deny being, a non-denominational, Christian, faith based 501(c)3 organization, we prefer to do our presentations and workshops with Jesus being the center. However, we also understand that not all organizations are open to the Christian worldview, be it by preference or regulation. So, if that’s the case with your organization, yet you like overall what you see in NHR and what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the materials that would support a secular, non-Christian audience. Contact us to discuss your organization’s goal and let us see if we can help you achieve it.

Please CLICK HERE to request a date for Raymond to directly interface with and empower your organization’s youth and or leadership, through a workshop event!

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